What Can Perforated Metal Sheets do for You?

Perforated sheet, also named as perforated metal sheets, is made through metal punching processes for high filterability with superior weight reduction. It has various advantages ranging from noised reduction to heat dissipation and other various benefits for different applications, for example:

A piece of perforated metal with 5 mm round holes, 1.0 mm thickness.
  • Acoustic performance

    The perforated metal sheet with high open area allows sounds to pass through easily as well as protects the speaker from any damage. So it is widely used as speaker grilles. Additionally, it is ability to control noises for providing you an comfortable environment.

  • Sunlight and radiation containment

    Nowadays, more architects adopt perforated steel sheet as sunscreen, sunshade to decrease the solar irradiation without any block of view.

  • Heat dissipation

    Perforated sheet metal features the character of heat dissipation, which means the load of air conditions can be reduced in a large extent. The related cruising data demonstrated that the using perforated sheet in front of building facade can bring about 29% to 45 energy savings. So it applies to architecture usage, such as cladding, building facades, etc.

  • Perfect filtrability

    With perfect filtration performance, stainless steel perforated sheet and perforated aluminum sheets are normally used as sieves for bee hives, grain dryers, wine presses, fish farming, hammer mill screen and window machine screens, etc.

  • Anti-skid

    Embossed perforated aluminum sheets make it possible to be used as anti-skid plated in offices, industrial plants, tread, stairs, transport places, etc. It works to protect personal safety by reducing the occurrence of slipping caused of wet and slippery road.

  • Protective function

    The perforated sheet have proven to be durable enough for protecting machines and other properties. Meanwhile, it also can be used as balcony guardrails to protect small children from falling.

Hot Products

Supplying quality perforated plates in stainless steel, plain steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic and other custom materials.

  • Round hole perforated sheets in a range of hole sizes, hole patterns, gauges, high quality materials, sheet sizes are available. Custom sheets are also welcomed.

  • Square hole perforated sheets, considered to be an alternative to round hole sheet, are durable and multifunctional as grilles, machine guards, sunshade, etc.

  • Slot hole perforated sheets in various materials, holes pattern and sizes, offer an efficient way to filter, grades liquids and solids for food industries.

  • We supply decorative perforated sheets with various patterns of holes including triangular, diamond, hexagonal, oblong and any other you nominated hole types.

Why to choose us?

Custom perforated stainless steel, aluminum, copper sheets are also available, meanwhile, if there is a need of advices about material and hole pattern selection, just feel free to contact us. We will pick up the best one for you.

Design with endless choice

Perforated sheet metal gives you a stunning effect with round, square, slot, hexagon and whatever designs you want. We can customize them for you.

Surface treatment as request

To meet the needs of specific applications, the sheet can be anodized, powder coated, galvanized, high polished, shine and dull mill, tec.

High cost effectiveness

Perforated sheet come with financial advantages due to very limited needs of maintenance and cleaning as well as its long lasting and durable characters.

Various optional materials

We select the best materials for manufacturing of metal perforation sheets. For example: Mild or carbon steel (no painted, galvanized or PVC coated); Stainless steel; Aluminum; Copper & brass.


Custom perforated stainless steel, aluminum, copper sheets are also available, meanwhile, if there is a need of advice about material and hole pattern selection, just feel free to contact us. We will pick up the best one for you.

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Perforated sheet with round, square, slot hole and 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch hole diameter can be used as hammer screen or automobile air inlet grating.

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Decorative perforated sheet with hot pattern: DHP-2, 5, 7, 10, 18, 19, 20, made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum or brass is hot.

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