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Various Hole Patterns for Interior or Exterior Decorations

Decorative perforated sheet, a choice of designs of enhancing appearance, is a sheet which is punched with stunning hole shapes. It is mainly used for architecture application where there is a need of aesthetic effect whether interior trim or exterior decoration.

4 different colors & patterns of decorative perforated sheets.

Our company can supply customized hole patterns of decorative perforated sheets in different materials including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. On request, decorative perforated sheets can be surface treated, for example:

  • Galvanization
  • Brushed finish
  • Mirror finish
  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing
  • High & brilliant polish
  • Aged mill finish
  • Reflective shine or dull mill finish
Aluminum triangular decorative perforated sheet
DHP-01: Aluminum triangular decorative perforated sheet.
Brass decorative perforated sheet
DHP-02: Brass decorative perforated sheet.

Meanwhile, various decorative hole patterns are available, such as diamond, hexagonal, follower, four-point star, oblong, and any other you design, we can make it.

Twenty four patterns of holes for decorative perforated sheets


The decorative perforated sheet can be seen everywhere in our life. You will find that from the building facade, and security screen, to the interior ceiling & light design, cabinet in furniture, partition, decorative mesh for reception areas in hotel, restaurant, bar, and boutique, and even for car grille, the decorative perforated sheet exists in different holes.

Brown stair banister made of decorative perforated sheet with cross-shaped holes
DHP-25: Decorative perforated banister
A black perforated mesh grill of a car made of hex hole perforated sheet
DHP-26: Perforated mesh grill with hexagon holes<
Decorated perforated mesh for interior decoration
DHP-27: Decorated perforated mesh for interior decoration
The ceiling of the library decorated with decorative perforated sheets in different colors
DHP-28: Decorated perforated mesh for interior ceiling
Storage cabinet doors decorated with decorative perforated sheet
DHP-29: Decorated perforated mesh for cabinet
Partition of meeting room decorated with decorative perforated sheet
DHP-30: Decorated perforated mesh for interior partition
The counter of the boutique decorated with decorative perforated sheet
DHP-31: Decorated perforated mesh for boutique counter

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