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Durable Perforated Sheets Offer stunning Aesthetic Effects

  • Some pieces of round hole perforated stainless steel sheets are placed on the ground

    Round hole perforated sheets in a range of hole sizes, hole patterns, gauges, high quality materials, sheet sizes are available. Custom sheets are also welcomed.

  • A perforated aluminum sheet with staggered square holes

    Square hole perforated sheets, considered to be an alternative to round hole sheet, are durable and multifunctional as grilles, machine guards, sunshade, etc.

  • A perforated stainless steel sheets with staggered round end slot holes

    Slot hole perforated sheets in various materials, holes pattern and sizes, offer an efficient way to filter, grades liquids and solids for food industries.

  • Brown stair banister made of decorative perforated sheet with cross-shaped holes

    We supply decorative perforated sheets with various patterns of holes including triangular, diamond, hexagonal, oblong and any other you nominated hole types.

  • Stair treads made of embossed sheets

    Embossed sheet is an efficient way of anti-skidding made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or other materials with various hole patterns.

  • A piece of perforated steel sheet with blue protecting layer and a metal coin on its surface.

    Perforated steel sheet is composed of mild steel or carbon steel which is punched for round, square and other hole shapes as your request.

  • Piles of heavy duty perforated stainless steel sheets with diamond holes

    Perforated stainless steel sheet, which is made of austenitic, ferritic or martensitic steel, can be produced with various hole types and different gauges.

  • A perforated aluminum sheets with scalelike holes

    Perforated aluminum sheets are made of high quality aluminum material with your desired hole size and pattern for various moist and corrosive environments.

  • A piece of copper perforated plate sheet with square holes.

    Our perforated copper or brass sheets are made of high quality reusable material to decorated buildings, sieve grain, secure ceilings and insulate sound, etc.

  • A hand is holding a piece of etched tube.

    Etched plates, with extremely fine holes, are used as filters in textile, food industry and anti-dust screen of cellphone.

  • Top Knuckling shaped noise barriers are installed on the highway.

    Perforated metal noise barrier with aluminum or galvanized metal sheet are widely used in the highway, railway and other places to absorb and weaken noise.

  • A hand holds a perforated cylinder filter and the bottom of the filter is also punched with round holes.

    Perforated filter form SS, carbon steel, aluminum, or copper sheet, used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food making and sewage water filtration.

  • Several filter tubes with square holes, round holes and different size stand on the ground.

    Perforated tubes filter water, oil, air, or sieve coal, metal powders, drug particles, glass materials, and also used for car silencer or granary ventilation.

  • Horizontal perforated sunshade panels with round hole are fitted above the gate of public places.

    Perforated sunshade panels with different patterns supply shade for high grade buildings such as shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls and resting places.

  • Some perforated kinetic facades are rising, and others are falling.

    Perforated kinetic facade is a wave facades for large buildings such as, office, airport access, shopping mall, museum, theater, exhibition and concert halls.

  • There is a anti-skid stair step with diamond hole pattern safety grating.

    Anti-skid stair steps are used as stair tread, walkway and workshop floor in factories and transportation facilities, etc.