Durable Perforated Sheets Offer stunning Aesthetic Effects

  • Round hole perforated sheets in a range of hole sizes, hole patterns, gauges, high quality materials, sheet sizes are available. Custom sheets are also welcomed.

  • Square hole perforated sheets, considered to be an alternative to round hole sheet, are durable and multifunctional as grilles, machine guards, sunshade, etc.

  • Slot hole perforated sheets in various materials, holes pattern and sizes, offer an efficient way to filter, grades liquids and solids for food industries.

  • We supply decorative perforated sheets with various patterns of holes including triangular, diamond, hexagonal, oblong and any other you nominated hole types.

  • Embossed sheets are widely used in the fields of refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, lighting boxes, and central air conditioning systems.

  • Perforated steel sheet is composed of mild steel or carbon steel which is punched for round, square and other hole shapes as your request.

  • Perforated stainless steel sheet, which is made of austenitic, ferritic or martensitic steel, can be produced with various hole types and different gauges.

  • Perforated aluminum sheets are made of high quality aluminum material with your desired hole size and pattern for various moist and corrosive environments.

  • Perforated brass sheet is a kind of brass sheet processed by punching, and the size, shape and arrangement of the holes can be customized as required.

  • Our perforated copper or brass sheets are made of high quality reusable material to decorated buildings, sieve grain, secure ceilings and insulate sound, etc.

  • All our aluminum carved facade panels are customized to to form irregular, complex patterns that perforated metal cannot achieved and meet your decoration needs

  • All our bronze relief sculptures are customized to depict all stories you want to tell, enrich the cultural atmosphere and meet your specific decoration needs.

  • Etched plates, with extremely fine holes, are used as filters in textile, food industry and anti-dust screen of cellphone.

  • Perforated metal noise barrier with aluminum or galvanized metal sheet are widely used in the highway, railway and other places to absorb and weaken noise.

  • Perforated filter form SS, carbon steel, aluminum, or copper sheet, used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food making and sewage water filtration.

  • Perforated tubes filter water, oil, air, or sieve coal, metal powders, drug particles, glass materials, and also used for car silencer or granary ventilation.

  • Perforated sunshade panels with different patterns supply shade for high grade buildings such as shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls and resting places.

  • Perforated kinetic facade is a wave facades for large buildings such as, office, airport access, shopping mall, museum, theater, exhibition and concert halls.

  • Perforated cable tray is a cable management system that is used to support and organize cables and wires in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

  • Anti-skid stair steps are used as stair tread, walkway and workshop floor in factories and transportation facilities, etc.