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Perforated Brass Sheet – Corrosion Resistant, Durable & Aesthetic

A perforated brass sheet with many triangular punched holes on a table

Perforated brass sheet, also called brass perforated plate, is widely used in architectural design, not only because of its appearance and various hole patterns, but also has good mechanical properties, and good plasticity, good cutting, easy to weld, and corrosion resistance. Ideal for use in cabinet and door panel inserts, radiator covers, ventilation and general interior design screens.


  • Sheet Sizes: 2000 mm × 1000 mm, 1000 mm × 660 mm and other customized sizes
  • Surface Finish: mill, brushed brass, antique, satin brass, bright polished brass
  • Hole Patterns: round, square, diamond, hexagon, flower, and other decorative customized patterns
A BSP-1 perforated brass sheet with round hole patterns
A BSP-2 perforated brass sheet with large and small square hole patterns
A BSP-3 perforated brass sheet with slotted hole patterns
A BSP-4 perforated brass sheet with hexagonal hole patterns
A BSP-5 perforated brass sheet with large and small round hole patterns
A BSP-6 perforated brass sheet with rhombus hole patterns
A BSP-7 perforated brass sheet with a staggered triangular hole patterns
A BSP-8 perforated brass sheet with crossed snowflake hole patterns
A BSP-9 perforated brass sheet with 8 triangles as a unit hole patterns
A BSP-10 perforated brass sheet with copper coin hole patterns
A BSP-11 perforated brass sheet with flower hole patterns.
A BSP-12 perforated brass sheet with small rhombus and large hexagon hole patterns.


  • Architectural Decoration: building exterior walls, ceilings, partitions, balcony railings, staircase handrails, etc.
  • Furniture Decoration: cabinets, screens, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Automotive Decoration: radiator hoods, air intake grilles, body trim, etc.
  • Electronic Products Components: casing, heat sinks, etc.
  • Filtration Industry: industrial filters, screens, isolators, etc.
3 screens made of perforated brass sheets are arranged together.
A building facade is made of perforated brass sheets
A wine cabinet full of wine with a perforated brass door
Wine cabinet
Handrails on both sides of stairs made of perforated brass sheets with round holes
Staircase handrails
Perforated brass sheets with hexagonal hole patterns for supermarket ceiling
Perforated brass sheets for the fence next to the stairs

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