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Why You Need an Embossed Sheet?

Embossed sheet (also known as anti-skid plate) is also a kind of perforated sheet with embossed patterns to increase frictions, disperse liquid and static effectively.

With the character of skid resistance, embossed sheets are widely used as stair treads, working platforms, panels of bridges, walkways, etc. We supply embossed sheets from mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or any other materials suitable for perforation.

There are various embossed pattern for you to choose from as shown in the following picture, meanwhile, other patterns can be made to order.

Thirteen patterns of embossed sheets
Some embossed perforated sheets in ASP-12 pattern
ASP-13: Embossed sheet with ASP-12 holes
Stair treads made of embossed sheets
ASP-14: Embossed stair treads
A piece of triangle embossed sheet with round holes is against a wall.
ASP-15: Triangle embossed sheet with ASP-13 holes.
Two triangle embossed sheet are put together on the carpet.
ASP-16: Two triangle embossed sheet are put together as one unit.
A stainless steel ramp extension with perforated holes.
ASP-17: Embossed sheet can be used as steel ramp extension.
A corner of a truck with a black steel ramp extension.
ASP-18: When you get goods to the truck, the steel ramp extension is a good choice.

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