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Perforated & Welded Cable Trays – Easy to Install & Maintain

A cable tray made of perforated aluminum.

Cable trays are often divided into perforated cable trays and welded cable trays.

Perforated cable tray is a kind of cable tray with holes on the bottom sheet and side rails for the distribution of electricity, and signaling in industrial plants, department stores, gyms, hospitals, airports, and other industries.

Perforated cable trays provide excellent ventilation, enhance cable life, and can be attached to any structure. Its solid base allows the installation of a large number of heavy-duty power cables, providing stable support for the electrical system. In addition, aluminum perforated cable trays are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and aesthetically pleasing, making them an ideal cable management solution.

Welded cable trays are made up of a series of interconnected metal wires, which create a mesh-like structure that can be used to route cables and wires through a space. It is well-ventilated and easy to clean and maintain.

It is also known as a cable management tray, generally available in three types of installation: ceiling mountable, wall mountable, and floor mountable.


Perforated cable tray
  • Perforated bottom design allows cable ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • Perforated bottom design prevents the retention of liquids or drips.
  • Continuous solid bottom trays provide continuous cable support.
  • The top of the tray can add additional covers to protect cables from environmental elements.
  • Customization is available.
Welded cable tray
  • Quick assembly is possible on site.
  • Simple tools for cleaning and maintenance.
  • It prevents the collection of dust, and pollutants and the propagation of bacteria.
  • Good ventilation prevents overheating of cables from prolonging their life.
  • Can be customized, easily cut, and shaped to meet customer needs.


Welded Cable Tray Common Specifications
No. Material Wire Diameter Hole Size Size
(H × W × L)
mm mm mm
1 SS304 4 50 × 100 55 (H) × 100 (W) × 3,000 (L)
2 SS304 4 50 × 100 55 (H) × 200 (W) × 3,000 (L)
3 SS304 4 50 × 100 55 (H) × 300 (W) × 3,000 (L)

Products Display

Measure the width of the perforated cable tray with vernier caliper
Perforated cable tray width measurement
A man measures the width of a curved perforated cable tray with vernier caliper
Curved perforated cable tray measurement
Measure perforated cable tray flat on the floor with a tape measure
Perforated cable tray length measurement
Welded cable tray in a cardboard box with plastic film over inner cloth
Welded cable tray packaging
Measure the width of welded cable tray with a tape measure to 20 cm
Welded cable tray width measurement
Measure wire diameter of welded cable tray with a tape measure to 4 mm
Welded cable tray wire diameter measurement

Application Cases

Perforated cable tray for cable organization
Perforated cable tray for roof supports
Perforated cable tray for ventilation systems
Welded cable tray mounted on the wall for holding items
Welded cable tray for regularizing blue cables
Welded cable trays for connections over corridors

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