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Slot Hole - Best Solution to Liquids and Solids Filtration

Slot hole perforated sheet is a versatile sheet or coil punched for elongated holes with round or square ends. Compared to similar perforated sheet with other hole pattern, this one proves to be the best solution to filtrate and sieve liquids and solids, such as water, wine, grain and seeds, etc.

A perforated stainless steel sheets with staggered round end slot holes
SHP-1: Slot hole perforated sheet

Various applications:

  • Act as sieves for grain & seeds cleaning and drying machine.
  • Mill of flour and rice.
  • Rope belt conveyors.
  • Wall & ceiling panels.
  • Cladding and sunshade.
  • Fences and protective panels.
  • Decorative applications, etc.

Optional material:
The materials most frequently used of the slot hole perforated sheet include mild, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and any other material suitable for perforation.

Aesthetic hole patterns
According to the desired application, there are many arrangements of slot holes including straight or staggered type as shown in the following picture:

Four slot hole patterns of perforated sheets including end and side staggered, straight line with round end or square end slots

Meanwhile, to reach your desired aesthetic effect, we also supply other patterns of slot hole as your nominated, for example:

Perforated sheet in decorative slot hole pattern-1
SHP-2: Decorative slot hole pattern-1
Perforated sheet in decorative slot hole pattern-2
SHP-3: Decorative slot hole pattern-2
Perforated sheet in decorative slot hole pattern-3
SHP-4: Decorative slot hole pattern-3

Hole size:
The slot hole should be punched with a width that at least the same size as the sheet thickness. When the slot width is the twice as much as the sheet thickness, the sheet performs best.

A perforated white PVC coated steel sheet with stagger slot holes
SHP-5: Slot hole perforated sheet with white PVC coating
The processing of a perforated stainless steel sheets with staggered round end slot holes
SHP-6: Slot hole perforated sheet processing
Cladding made of slot hole perforated sheets
SHP-7: Slot hole perforated metal sheet
Perforated steel sheets with straight round end slot holes used as shades
SHP-8: Slot hole perforated shades

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