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Good Choice for Decoration - Perforated Copper Sheet

Copper, as one of the first to be utilized metals, has been playing an important role in human life. Generally speaking, the purification of copper needs great amount of electricity and the pure copper is soft, so copper alloys are more commonly used. To adjust the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance, some other metal elements are added. For example, brass, the most-used alloy, applies to zinc as main added elements. When the main added ingredient is tin, the alloy is named bronze.

A filter made of perforated brass sheets with round holes
PCS-1: Perforated copper or brass sheets are capable of filtration.

We mainly supply perforated copper sheet and perforated brass sheet, which are free of rust with corrosion resistant surface of copper carbonate formed of being exposed to the weather. The warm color and noble appearance make it popular as decoration grilles whether interior design or exterior trim. Meanwhile, it can be used to secure ceiling, protect machine equipment, insulate sound, sieve grain and forage, etc.

Perforated cooper or brass sheets are often unfinished due to its high corrosion resistance, but to suit specific application, it also can be coated with a variety of finished. Furthermore, the sheets are often polished to provide a superior appearance, such as brilliant polished, reflective shine or dull mill finish.

Choosing copper or brass sheet is, indubitably, a sign of environmental protection on account of its recycled character with a virtually unlimited lifespan. What are you waiting for? Come and take the high sustainable perforated copper sheet!


  • Hole shape: round, square & rectangular, slot, hexagon, oblong, diamond and other decorative shapes.
  • Sheet size:1ft. × 4ft., 2ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 8ft., or tailored to your desired size.
  • Thickness: gauge 3 to 36 or as your requirement.
  • Material: 110, 220, 230, 260, 268, 270, 335, 340, 342, 353, 443, 444, 445, 464, 465, 466, 467, 614, 705, 715. Other standards materials are also available as your requirements.
There is one single perforated brass sheet on the table, with fifteen perforated holes.
PCS-2: Brass perforated sheet is a good choice for some special use.
A piece of copper perforated plate sheet with square holes.
PCS-3: Square hole copper perforated plate.
A man is measuring the width of a roll of perforated copper belt
PCS-4: Perforated copper coil

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