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Why Perforated Aluminum Sheet Essential in Food Processing?

A perforated aluminum sheets with scalelike holes
PAS-1: Perforated aluminum sheet with scalelike holes for anti-skidding

Perforated aluminum sheet is excellent at corrosion resistance due to its oxide skin formed after contacting with moist air.

Compared to other perforated steel sheet, perforated copper sheet with similar gauge, this one is relativity light weight. Meanwhile high ductility and reflection to heat and light make it widely used as wall or ceiling panels, sunshades of platform, etc. Its perfect filtration property and non -toxic character allows it being used as drying sieve, production filtration, especially in food processing.

It is worthwhile to note that the aluminum is rust free, therefore, there is no need of any anti-rust painting and maintenance all through its service life. For decorative applications, it can be anodized to improve color and strength or through some surface treatments to reach your desired effect, such as brilliant and high polished, reflective shine or a dull mill finish, etc.

What kind of perforated aluminum sheet can we supply?

Hole shape: round, square & rectangular, slot, hexagon, oblong, diamond and other decorative shapes.
Sheet size: 1ft. × 4ft., 2ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 8ft., or tailored to your desired size.
Thickness: gauge 3 to 36 or as your requirement.
Material: 2211, 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, 6063, 6262, 7075. Other standards materials are also available as your requirements.

Perforated aluminum sheets with round holes are used as making cooks
PAS-2: Perforated aluminum sheets are nontoxic for being used as cooks.
Perforated aluminum sheets used in architecture for building facades
PAS-3: Perforated aluminum sheets are perfect for craft

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