Perforated Sheet Application

Etched Plates in Stainless Steel & Plain Steel

Regarding the punched metal plates, the minimum hole Boegger can supply is 0.8 mm. But it can not meet the filtration need, especially the application requiring extremely fine holes. Thus, Boegger adopts another advanced production line - metal etching, which creates chemically micronic flow channels on the surface of metal panel, to enable precision rate ranging from 30 μm to 100 μm absolutely.

A piece of stainless steel etched plates with thin slot hole patterns is rolled on the white background.
EP-1: Etched plates supplies thinner holes for better filtering precision.

This etched plates can be used as fiber filter, textile filter and other filters in food and beverage industrial such as a coffee filter to ensure its mellow smooth taste. The small hole also makes the plate prevent unwanted things out, such as insects, even dust.

A piece of arched etched plates are put under a ruler to show dimension.
EP-2: Arched thin etched plate with super fine holes.
A hand is holding a piece of etched tube.
EP-3: Filter tube made of welded etched plates.
A cellphone using etched plates as the receiver screen to prevent dust.
EP-4: Etched plate is used as an anti-dust screen on the receiver of cellphone.
A earphone using etched plates as the receiver screen to prevent dust.
EP-5: Etched plate on the earphone to prevent dust without destroying of sound.


  • Super fine holes for high precision filtration.
  • No welding, no burs, no broken points and no plugging holes ensure the most reliable filtration.
  • Available in thousands of different plate shapes and hole patterns.
  • No need open tooling or moulding for low cost.
  • High tolerance ± 0.01 mm.


  • Material: stainless steel and plain steel.
  • Plate thickness: 0.1 mm - 1 mm.
  • Max. plate size: 500 mm × 600 mm.
  • Hole size: Min. 0.03 mm.
  • Hole shape: round hole, slot hole and other custom patterns.

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