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Perforated Kinetic Facade Sways Like Wave in Windy Day

Perforated kinetic facade is a kind of perforated metal plate used as decorating facade, whose decorative effect is different from decorative effect of common metal facade. It is kinetic and when the wind blows, perforated kinetic facade rises and falls as waves. Perforated kinetic facade is made of sheet metal processed by punching equipment, and is widely used for the decoration of various large buildings. The shape of its holes can be produced as your requests. Perforated kinetic facade is usually made of aluminum (or aluminum alloy), stainless steel, copper, carbon steel and so on. Surface by spraying, anodizing and other special treatment to make it strong, corrosion-resistance and durability. The buildings decorated with it can not only make you have a visual enjoyment, but also provide you with a comfortable environment.

Specification of perforated plate for kinetic facade:

  • Materials: aluminum or aluminum alloy, stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, copper, brass, bronze.
  • Hole shape: round, oval, hexagonal, square, slotted, diamond, cross holes, rectangular, triangle, conical, fish-scale hole, flower-shape, strip perforation, combination patterns, plum blossom, octagonal cane.
  • Hole arrangement: staggered, straight.
  • Hole diameter or width: 1.5–12.5 mm.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated, anodized, fluorocarbon spraying, polishing.
  • Color: white, silver, yellow or other RAL colors.
Perforated kinetic facade with round holes in staggered rows.
PFK-01: Perforated kinetic facade for decorating large buildings has strong aesthetic appeal.
A piece of perforated kinetic facade with oval holes in straight rows.
PFK-02: Oval holes perforated kinetic facade made of low carbon has good plasticity and toughness.
A piece of perforated kinetic facade with cross holes perforations in straight rows.
PKF-03: Cross holes perforated kinetic facade made of aluminum with surface by anodized treatment is featured by light weight, high strength.
A piece of perforated kinetic facade with big round holes on the left, cross holes and small round on the right in staggered rows.
PKF-04: Combination-patterns perforated kinetic facade with different hole shapes as customers' request.
A lot of perforated kinetic facades are arranged on wall neatly.
PKF-05: Perforated kinetic facade is a kind of ideal materials for decorating large buildings.
Some perforated kinetic facades are rising, and others are falling.
PKF-06: Perforated kinetic facades for decorating large buildings are easy to install.
Perforated kinetic facades are moving, which looks like waves up and down from the distance.
PKF-07: Perforated kinetic facades are applied to decorating large buildings popularly, which looks like waves in windy day

Perforated kinetic facade features:

  • Various hole sizes, aesthetic appeal and a special visual effect.
  • Light weight, high strength, shock resistant.
  • Fire proof, corrosion-resistant, stay durable color, long time service life guaranteed.
  • Regulate the incidence of light, shading and sun protection, natural ventilation, well weather-resistant.
  • Good thermal insulation and sound insulation.
  • Recyclable.


Perforated kinetic facade is applied to the facades of large buildings, such as, offices, dining halls, airport buildings, shopping malls, theaters, museum buildings, exhibition halls, concert halls, etc.

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