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Perforated Metal Sheets Make Landscape More Modern & Creative

As a kind of porous perforated metal sheet, it is not only widely used in the architectural field, interior field, landscape field, etc., but also used by more and more designers and artists to create fashionable and modern aesthetics.

Perforated metal sheets' application can create a variety of visual effects and artistic sense through different hole shapes and arrangements. In the field of architecture, perforated metal sheets can be used on exterior walls, roofs, ceilings, staircases, balustrades, doors, windows, etc. to make buildings look more modern and artistic. In the indoor field, perforated metal sheets can be used in partitions, ceilings, wall decorations, furniture, etc., creating different spaces and light and shadow effects, making the indoor space more artistic and fashionable. In the field of landscape, perforated metal sheets can be used in the landscape design of parks, squares, commercial streets, and other places to create a variety of different landscape effects and artistic sense, making the landscape more modern and creative.

Architectural Field:

Perforated metal sheets can unify the building facade, and separate the space to achieve a semi-privacy effect and security at the same time. The space still maintains comfortable breathability and the formation of wonderful light and shadow effects, and with the combination of metal and other materials, can form a different sense of reality and texture so that the building facade obtains a wealth of artistic variations.

  • Xingshe of Beijing Daxing District
    A man is walking towards the main entrance of Xingshe.
    2 people is walking in front of the main entrance of the Xingshe.
  • Lolly-Laputan Children Restaurant
    Exterior of the children restaurant building is decorated with white perforated metal sheets.
    Architectural effect of children restaurant is realized by combining perforated metal sheet with lighting.
  • Malmö Art Museum – Sweden
    Presentation of the architectural facade of the Malmö Art Museum
    Interior of the Malmö Art Museum is decorated with red perforated metal sheets.
  • Tampa Museum of Art – Florida
    Tampa museum of art – Floridian building topped with perforated metal sheets
    Tampa Museum of Art – Floridian building surrounded by perforated metal sheets
  • Wuxi Grand Theatre
    Wuxi Grand Theater panorama display
    Wuxi Grand Theater's roof decorated with perforated metal sheets
  • Nanheng Pedestrian Street
    White perforated metal sheets decorate the building facade of the Nanheng pedestrian street.
    Perforated metal sheets are used as fences on the periphery of Nanheng pedestrian street.

Interior Field

Perforated metal sheets in the interior can be used as partitions or decorative to create a low-key simple fashion style light through different holes with the change of light and shadow to create an extraordinary artistic effect.

2 men are chatting inside the room fitted with white perforated metal sheets
Office partitions are decorated with white perforated metal sheets
Stairs in the house decorated with white perforated metal sheets
Backrest of the sofa decorated with brown perforated metal sheets
Top of the bar is decorated with gray perforated metal sheets.
Mirror place in the bathroom is decorated with perforated metal sheets.

Landscape Field

Common leaky windows in classical Chinese gardens are window holes in the hollow pattern of the window, not only the wall to produce changes in reality but also make the two sides of the neighboring space seem to be separated from non-separation, the scenery is hidden, rich in levels, with the meaning of "avoiding outside hidden inside".

  • Beijing IOMA
    A woman is looking at a fence made of perforated metal sheets on bench.
    White perforated metal sheets for sun shades on the outside of buildings
  • Hongkong Landmark – River One Neighborhood
    Exterior of the Landmark One River Neighborhood decorated with white perforated metal sheets.
    Landmark One River Neighborhood's fence uses white perforated metal sheets as scenic spot's fence.
  • Sunan Vanke 138 Degree Park Avenue
    138 degree park avenue during the daytime
    138 degree park avenue during the nighttime
  • Shenyang Vanke Emerald Riverside
    A child plays next to the lake released by the perforated metal sheets.
    Water surface is equipped with letters made of white perforated metal sheets.
    Building decorated with white perforated metal sheets over water
    A diamond-shaped ornament inside Shenyang Vanke Emerald Riverside

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